The Rough River is a major tributary of Green River. One of the    major music styles of the area is Thumb Picking.  This video   features the world class thumb picking of Paul Moseley and the   timeless song Shall We Gather at the River.

  These songs have been written and recorded as demos(except for  Josiah and Dill Brothers Ferry).  There are no videos at this time,   since the Scenic Byway Corridor Management plan was not   completed. These songs are part of the works that were likely to be   lost. They are listed as a reminder of the work yet to be done. 

Unlikely Find                                          The power of historic places 

 Josiah                                                    Josiah Henson 

 Dill Brothers Ferry                               Abraham Lincoln 

 Harpe's Head                                        Outlaw Harpe Brothers 

 Sound of Seven Rivers                        Music of Valley 

 Arrowheads                                          Native Americans 

 Lucy Help Me See This Through        John James Audubon 

 Airdrie Hill 

"The entire Green River Valley might have been transformed if Lord Alexander had fired the furnace one more time using charcoal instead of coal. We will never know...." 

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