is a project to document and preserve the Green River Heritage songs selected by Judge Larry B. Whitaker for his "lost" Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan. 

The following songs were chosen to present the story of Western Kentucky River Culture via music. The music was to be incorporated into various driving tours of the area.

Song:                                      Subject:


Unlikely Find                          The power of historic places

Dream in the Wind                 Frank Sheehan

Josiah                                     Josiah Henson

Dill Brothers Ferry                 Abraham Lincoln

Bluegrass Was Born in Ky     Bill Monroe

Great Unknown                       Arnold Shultz

Wreck of the Bowling Green  Steamboat Era

Molly Rides Again                    Battle of Sacramento

Camp Calhoun                         Civil War soldiers

First Doughboy to Fall            James B. Gresham

Harpe's Head                           Outlaw Harpe Brothers

Sound of Seven Rivers            Music of valley

Arrowheads                              Native Americans

Right Under Our Feet               Coal mining

Little Sturgis Blues                   Motorcycle Rally

Jackie and Happy                      Baseball Color Barrier

Lucy Help Me See This Through  John James Audubon

Shootin' on the Solid                 Coal Mining

Bluegrass and Barbeque          Owensboro is capital of both

Going Home to Kentucky           Unbridled Spirit


*Burn the Barrel                       Written for a bourbon documentary, it is included here                                                       because it builds on the trail concept advanced by                                                             Judge Whitaker.