Former McLean County Judge Executive Larry B. Whitaker was a pioneer in his efforts to tell the story of Western Kentucky River Culture. 

     Whitaker believed that our regional heritage crossed county lines.  He used his knowledge of Federal Grants to coordinate with various counties to tell the story of the Green and Barren Rivers as a whole. 


     These songs are a part of his application for a Scenic Byway Corridor Management Grant.  The grant was approved.  Judge Whitaker left office and the Byway Project languished until the grant had expired. 

      I was with Judge Whitaker as he hand picked 20 songs and commissioned others to be written.  But the  Byway Project fell apart and the collection of heritage songs was likely to be lost. 

     We wish to honor Judge Whitaker's vision by bringing those lost songs to the citizens of the Green River Area. 


     Special thanks to Andy Brasher and Troy Miller for bringing their talents to the project. 

     These are the first two songs:  

     The First Doughboy to Fall

         by Andy Brasher  

     Wreck of the Steamboat Bowling Green    

         by Troy Miller    

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